Phil Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth  As one of the most prolific poker players of all-time, Wisconsin-born Phil Hellmuth is certainly an intriguing fella. The poker legend has won a whopping 15 bracelets at Word Series of Poker events. He’s also won some other major tournaments in his time, and his prolific title winning has seen him inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame by WSOP.

Ranked 21st in the all-time money list, Hellmuth is the only person in history to say he has a whopping 15 bracelets from WSOP events. With over $23m in the bank from poker winnings, he’s become one of the most prolific entrants in the WSOP history. While he has never won a tournament at the World Poker Tour, his uncontested 15 bracelets gives him a unique record that is unlikely to ever be topped.

He is also known for being somewhat tardy, often taking his seat at poker tables long after the action has started. Despite that, he’s managed to win titles from his 1989 maiden win all the way to his most recent win, which arrived in 2018 when he won the $5k No Limit Hold’em vent.

While some find his more abrasive ‘poker brat’ style a little off-putting, few could ever doubt the quality that Hellmuth possesses with cards in his hand. Some find that he can be a touch explosive, with his famous walkout on Poker After Dark causing controversy with a lot of the other professionals on the circuit.

And though he might be somewhat hard to get on with when playing, few would say that Hellmuth is anything other than charming when cards aren’t being dealt. Just like many top winners, though, Hellmuth has been known to let his competitive side take over when the stakes get high. Given his success, though, it would be fair to say that Hellmuth is almost always in control.

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