Casino de Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Casino de Monte-Carlo, Monaco  Discover Casino de Monte-Carlo | Monte Carlo, Monaco.

The Monte-Carlo Casino with the official name Casino de Monte-Carlo is one of the oldest Casinos in the world. It is said to be more than 150 years old. The casino is located in Monte Carlo, Monaco, the south of Europe bordered by France.

This Casino is also famous for its architecture (designed by Jules Dutrou (1819-1885) and Charles Garnier, the architects who designed the Paris Opera House, famous worldwide) as well as for its gambling and other games. That’s why, whenever any Casino enthusiast visits Monaco, this Casino is always recommended. The Casino belongs to a private company known as the Société des Bains de Mer de Monaco. The government of Monaco and the royal family (House of Grimaldi) have an equal stake in this company. Until recently, this Casino has been the main source of revenue for the government of Monaco and the house of Grimaldi.

Games Available at Casino de Monte-Carlo

The casino is famous for a variety of games which includes different kinds of Roulette, Stud Poker, Black Jack, Trente et Quarante, Craps, Baccarat, and many others. They offer games on slot machines as well. Table games consist of games such as BlackJack, Craps, Roulette (different types of roulettes are usually played here).

Not only the games, but the regular tournaments are also generally conducted in this Casino. Playing a tournament makes the person a thrilling and adrenaline rush. We never know when the card we’ve chosen will make us millions of dollars in one go or whether the right numbers fall for us. That is completely unexpected. That’s why it’s not just gaming and gambling; it’s a kind of thrilling experience which a Casino enthusiast must feel once in their life.

Timings of Casino

The official time of the Casino is from 12:00 PM to 11.30 AM regardless of the week or weekends. However, during the formula -1 Grand Prix, it is left open for groups and tours from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM only to prevent any kind of disturbance in the game. The entrance fee for the tour costs about €17 and it will take 40 minutes for a full tour of this casino.

Some important things to know.

Age: A person aged 18 or above is allowed to enter the Casino. Be sure to present a passport or ID card when you enter.

Attire: A good attire is mandatory with a jacket and a tie that should be worn before entering the private gaming rooms.

Restriction for Monegasque citizens: The government has forbidden the residents of Monaco to play because the Monegasque government wants to save every Monegasque franc possible. They want foreign currency so they can grow their economy. However, locals are allowed to play Casino online freely.

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