Millionaires’ 15 minute Big Win

Millionaires’ 15 minute Big Win  In spite of the humble backgrounds of many online roulette winners, anyone can participate in roulette games, including billionaires.

In just one spin of a roulette wheel, Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley has won £1.3 million. Ashley won £480,000 after betting £480,000 on black 17, James Bond’s lucky number.

In a complex bet called a “complete”, the maverick retailer backed every combination that included 17 – including black, odd, and a number between 1 and 18.

The luxurious, 50 London casino in Mayfair was where 45-year-old Mr Ashley has been playing for a long time, fellow players had gathered around the table as the chips piled up. As the roulette wheel turned, divorcee Mr Ashley sat impassively.

There was loud applause from the crowd as soon as the ball fell into slot 17 as if Lady Luck herself had smiled upon him. After saying “That’ll do for me.” to the croupier, Mr. Ashley walked away with his winnings. A million pounds was won on the table by the former NUFC owner and CEO of Frasers Group Plc after only 15 minutes.

Mike frequented the casino on a regular basis. Together with some male friends, he wagered a complete bet on 17. The crowd went wild when he won and clapped and cheered when his chips surrounded the number in every possible combination. Winning is everyone’s favorite. The number he loves the most? This is number 17. His lucky number, 17, was the subject of £480,000 in bets at the Fifty St James Casino in Mayfair.

Roulette can be one of the most profitable games, and the riskiest strategies can pay off sometimes. There is a good reason why high rollers use the hit-and-run strategy. After winning such a large pot, Mike Ashley knew the casino would likely claw its money back from him if he stuck around. As a result, he left.

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