Foud al-Zayat

Foud al-Zayat  In the world of gambling, we often find that some of the sharpest minds also have interests in other parts of the world. For example, one of the most well-known gamblers in the Middle East was known as Foud al-Zayat. The Syrian was one of the best gamblers of his generation, and also a unique businessman and investor. A genius in his own field, he invested in various off-shore services firms, including the foundation of the Mortier Off Shore Services Ltd. company.

Al-Zayat was a deeply impressive man, and someone who took part in various different events in his busy and extensive life. Indeed, one of his most famous moments was when he sought out help from the United States Supreme Court to help him securing a payment of some $8bn in German bonds that the dictator Adolf Hitler had ordered into default during the Second World War.

While al-Zayat sadly died in 2018 from a long illness, he was known for many people as a big name within the gambling industry during his life. From 1994-2006, he wagered some £91.5m with Aspinall’s, a major club in London. He lost something in the region of £23.2m from his gaming there over a 12-year period.

He was a well-liked member of the gambling circuit, and was considered to be one of the most interesting people who took part in major gambling activities. While he had some issues with debt and with legal controversies in his life, al-Zarat was known to be a colourful character and someone with an eye for a quick-witted remark, as well as someone with no qualms about taking risks.

Whether at the table or in a business meeting, al-Zayat was a man who took risks and, more often than not in his life, would pay off.

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